Website development

from the beginning to the end

The process of website design development is very sensitive topic requiring industry analysis and expertise.

Make Own Website Design

Making your own website design today is rather easy. There are a lot of free website development tools and software that will help you get started, but those will never inflect and take full advantage of custom and professional website design gains.

We focus on low take-up and use of website for small to medium sized firms. Certainly we are aware of the potential benefits internet and intranet could bring to businesses:

  • existing in traditional, physical form,
  • existing entirely on the internet,
  • existing in both forms – hybrids.

When developing websites we are usually involved in a careful website planning of the following areas:

  • website aesthetics (turning on visitors)
  • website architecture and type (corporate website, blog, wiki, micro site, etc.)
  • website degree of presence (information, contact details, product range, online order, etc.)
  • website functionality (technical specification)
  • website security principles (protection against internet vandals)
  • website usability (ease to navigate and understand)
  • website capability (quantitative measurements)
  • website audience (website target)

Website prototype/mockup design and development

Once we have outlined your website’s key design characteristics, it’s time to get hands on refining of this conceptual design in a more or less realistic interface, through website design development of static visual simulation or mockup.

Semantic web development

The rapid technology development brings both challenges and opportunities to website design. As a consequence semantic web developers and entrepreneurs have to effectively respond to changes. We bet on standard, stable and affirmed technologies for our websites.

Depending on complexity of the project, we might switch technologies and programming languages, in order to ensure suitable web development environment for the users, as well as mutually beneficial financial contract.

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