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ShopSector is an ecommerce online shop, offering high variability of sport shoes

This online shop is totally oriented towards branded sports shoes from selected top brands` collections.

Products in the CMS consist of many describing fields, as for the public, as well as for internal use only.

We know how important operation times are to a business and valuate it at its highest. Therefore our efforts are focused towards delivering best user experience to the target audience through our solutions. The funnel principle of the filters of the website is created in such a manner, so that it can allow quickest and most accurate choice.

Highest variety products can be found in the main product categories.


Coffee Consumed

25 liters

Wire-framing and prototype

There were pre-screens designed and created in xHTML for prototyping this website.

Behind this initiative stand young and highly devoted team of professionals, with the ultimate goal to deliver best service possible. Therefore we created additional feature quick order in addition to the traditional ordering procedure with three user roles.

After the order is placed, it comes to the extraordinary and custom online system for stock management with lots of custom tailored options to suit the purpose and daily operations of this particular business. This is sometimes a great struggle with all purpose CMS. 

This website automatically communicates partner sites and networks for changes made through various API and cURL calls in order to keep stock up to date without human involvement.

At shopsector can also make a precise selection of order for a given period. Find, and track and edit all orders made.


1050 Vienna, Austria

Telephone: +43 (660) 166 0 116

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