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SteamEngine is an online shop offering a wide range of electronic cigarettes

We have developed a Drupal eCommerce website, which sells electronic cigarettes online. The website is fully responsive and also includes a wide range of custom functionalities.

While inserting the product, variations can be created. Each variation of the product can have different values for images, texts, colors, price, etc.. These products are also divided into groups or categories. Each category of products has its own specific features like manufacturer, year of production, charging, battery and taste.

Placing an order is also easy. There are two ways of checkout: through registration and a quick order as guest. Since the client wishes to deliver to multiple countries. Logistic cost of ordering online are calculated on the fly. The customers of the online shop then know exactly how much it will the final cost be. 


Once products are ordered, summary and alerting emails are being sent to both owner and customer, providing all necessary information. Orders in Drupal are easy to edit and manage. There are also certain analysis that can be made upon this data as well. 

The online store also generates automatic invoices to be shipped with the goods.

It is developed with pixel precision and a lot of care is terms of Search Engine Optimization due to legal issues in the country of operation.

Coffee Consumed

40 liters

Wire-framing and prototype

There were pre-screens designed and created in xHTML for prototyping this website.

Drupal CMS / Commerce guys

For the needs of this website we implemented a Drupal CMS / Commerce guys


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