Email Marketing

direct marketing online

Advantages of e-mail marketing

To fully be able to take advantage of direct mailing through e-mail marketing, You are strongly advised to ask us for consult with our professionals for help. We take natural care of each diverse factor determining your success such as e-mail copywriting to target group selection and contact. 

Additionally we bring new capabilities such as RSS Feeds, Podcast and Vodcast into play. Building up new communication possibilities we believe to be a right and valuable consumer relationship method.

We will make sure your message gets delivered! 

Strategy and clear definition of goals, base of success with newsletter marketing

Goals are strongly relied on clear strategy. We will definitely help you clarify your goals and fine-tune a strategy for successful execution.

Possible goal scenarios for a email marketing are:

  • attracting new clients
  • new customer relationship creation and maintenance
  • sales promotion
  • brand development
  • sinking costs and consequently prices

A very important aspect in this case is the time frame for evaluation of the direct and indirect activity of your subscribers. Possible measurements are:

  • confirmation that user read it
  • clicks and reply
  • sign in and outs
  • bounce rate, coupons, sales and other similar solutions
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