Affiliate Marketing

pure performance

Strong range affiliate network.

Online advertisements like text links, images, micro-sites or eCommerce (online store) modules by your affiliates are the strong grounds of affiliate network, allowing it to expand and connect your web communications into a network, while you earn from existing online affiliate partners. 

This allows very attractive prices and efficient online marketing and communication to your target group and even wider. 

Using the distribution channel of other websites, you will discover new ways of strategy building, partnerships and joint brands and sales. 

Affiliate online marketing - build on success basis.

Just opposite to classic banner advertising, you do not pay for placing your online advertisement, but rather when it has started working. Graphical design and layout, size and other specifications are to be custom made for any:

  • pay per sale - for actual purchase or sale made or a legal agreement;
  • pay per lead - for an interested person, subscription, registration, download or other;
  • pay per click.

Sales and online affiliate marketing are directly measurable and controllable. Our online marketing tools will support you with relevant information and will carefully track what is going on. This will even allow to reward partners with individual sales.

Factors determining success.

In order to be able to guarantee success, a balanced strategy, communications (online and offline) and fluent affiliate partner connection management are just vital. Bear in mind that even online (internet), partnerships are based on "win - win" basis.

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